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Halloween in Newtown
October 31, 2013

Halloween in Newtown

Houses go all out for Halloween in Newtown CT

Main Street in Newtown loves Halloween.I’m not sure when it started, but it’s become tradition for Main Street Halloween to be an an event, leaving many modest neighborhoods like mine with the lone one or two visitors, and a bowl of 3 Musketeers and no one to feed.

But on Main Street? A completely different story.

People come from all over to walk the leafy sidewalks north and south of the flagpole and wait in line at the generous homes that host thousands – yes, thousands – of little and not-so-little visitors.

Trick o’ treaters often wait in long, long lines to experience the gift of community and candy.

Themed Halloween houses are highlight of the holiday.Many houses go all out with themes like Alice in Wonderland, Grease, Wizard of Oz, Fairy Princesses, Goblins ‘n Ghouls. Friends come from all over town and take shifts until the candy is all gone, which is too early for most.There’s usually a couple politicians trying to pimp out policy. And always that church with incredibly creepy puppet show praising their god of choice. And the local dentist with their team of Cinderellas distributing – gasp – toothbrushes and floss.One amazing teenager takes Halloween at her Main Street home a step further: she single handedly started a fundraiser just two years ago, The Great Pumpkin Challenge, to honor her friend battling brain cancer, and raise money for the Hole in the Wall Camp.

Great Pumpkin Challenge raises $$ for Hole in the Wall Camp

This kid is creating change.

This is Newtown.

Everyone wears a costume of sorts. Everyone. Little kids, teenagers, babies, seniors, parents, dogs, the odd llama or alpaca. Those with kids and without; Newtowners all dressed up with someplace to go.

Last year, Hurricane Sandy stranded Newtown candyless and powerless for a week or so. All we wanted was flush toilets, a working fridge, and an insurance adjuster.

The year before, Halloween was cancelled as 100+ year old ominous tree branches teetered under 20” of a freak Snow-tober storm, closing most roads in town, including Main Street.

This year … well this year while we all have power, our energy is weak.

But our spirit is not.

My wish for Newtown is a Main Street full once again of sugar-crazed kids, running from house to house, with open arms, open hearts, and open doors waiting for the embrace from the community that loves them.

*Please commit to doing any action possible to make a positive change where you live, so our story doesn’t become your story. Join a group in your community. Send an email. Be a friend. Find a cause. Share on Facebook. Hold a sign. Make a difference.

5 Responses

  1. I so hope you got your wish…really, I do.

    1. Wish granted. Main Street was hopping, my own neighborhood empty which made for sad me, but happy kids in town dressed and sugar crazed!

  2. Well, it definitely came true! It was a mob scene last night, despite a bit of rain.

    1. Rain can’t stop our Main Street celebration!

  3. I see from the comments you got your wish lady! Main street sounds awesome. I’ve finally joined the PTA and I’m getting into community spirit around here so our halloween was a bit cooler than usual. I’m finding not being a hermit is pretty cool. 😀 Hugs to you mama.

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