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Board of ed gets heat for hateful Sandy Hook comment

Board of ed gets heat for hateful Sandy Hook comment

A newly elected board of education member posted hateful comments, promoting violence and intolerance towards the Sandy Hook shooting. This Newtown resident called him out on it.

A campaign began in our community and quickly spread nationwide: 26 Acts of Kindness, counting down the days until the somber 1 year anniversary of when our nightmare began.

It grew quickly via social media, with people sharing our message of love and kindness with those they meet.

But not everyone.

In our neighboring town of Brookfield, Connecticut, a newly elected Board of Education member, Gregory Beck, had a very different idea of kindness: here is what he posted on the Acts of Kindness Facebook page:

getting an elected official to resign

So eruptions ensued on social media, and the national media, painting the beautiful, quaint town of Brookfield with a horrific comment. I decided to not play this out on Facebook, but instead attended Greg Beck’s very first BOE meeting, to let him know exactly what this Newtown neighbor thought of his comment.

I wore my uniform: Newtown Strong t-shirt and wrist to elbow green bracelets usually reserved for traveling far from home, where it’s necessary to remind people of our pain. Usually not necessary to wear so close to town, as most of us are on the same team.

Public comments began, and despite the tears and anger of the speakers, I couldn’t help but smile at the support. One after one, parents rose up, students too, some angered to tears, and demanded Greg Beck step down. Every person was infuriated and did not hold back on their disgust and humiliation at Greg Beck’s comments, and how he does speak for, nor nor represent them.Take a listen here to some pretty pissed off Brookfield parents.

I was among friends, and took the podium and immediately thanked Brookfield for their unanimous voice of support, love and kindness. Then proceeded to ask Greg Beck to step down.

Thank you Brookfield, for a resounding act of kindness. This guy does not represent you, and this Newtown neighbor knows it.

I don’t have a clip of the evening, but here’s my own pajama-clad, mini rehearsal at home, of what I shared with our friends the next town over:

*Please commit to doing any action possible to make a positive change where you live, so our story doesn’t become your story. Join a group in your community. Send an email. Be a friend. Find a cause. Share on Facebook. Hold a sign. Make a difference.

7 Responses

  1. ewwwh Beck is quite douche-ish. You go mama! it’s beyond me that you guys are having to endure any type of ridicule.

    1. Many thanks mama. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another asshole steps up to the plate. thx for your continuous Newtown love!


    as a brookfielder I condemn what Beck said. Brookfield stands with Newtown and the country!

    1. We have assholes in Newtown as well, Linda. Every town does. But voters should be outraged this guy works for the town (PD) and now the schools. Ugh. It’s a voting problem, more than a greg beck problem. This jackass does not represent Brookfield, and we here know it. Can’t thank you enough for the overwhelming support at the meeting. I love Brookfield.

  3. Oh dear…did he step down?

    1. He did not; his only statement was he is not stepping down because he feels he is the best man for the job. I hope Brookfield voters mobilize to get rid of him; but seriously, this is a voting problem, more than a Greg Beck problem. We must be more cognizant of those running for office, and vote accordingly.

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