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  1. You’re might want to try starting some hobby that you enjoy, get fabulously skilled at that and then hock whatever it is that your hobby creates. This seems to be the winning American job, other than that I have NO THOUGHTS what that hobby might be. I will keep my ideas rolling in, they are so GREAT (not)

  2. How about a party planner…oh wait with this economy, who’s having parties anymore? Or Substitute teacher?? The last one I met was an out of work banker…didn’t finish the day. Not much help am I?

  3. You’re a very talented writer, have you thought about writing for money (i.e. blogging) on sites like, becoming a Guide on or even All of these sites and many more actually pay writers based. You might also want to get into Google Adsense, don’t worry, I’m not selling anything but DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, buy into some other onion bunion telling you that you can make money with Google Adsense, you just need to send them $9.95 or $14.95 or $2.95 whatever — DO NOT BELIEVE IT. But do believe this Google Adsense is completely free. That’s right free. All you need is a website and start driving traffic to that site and when people click on those links, and after you accrued so much in your Google account, Google will actually cut you a check. Granted, it’s not a quick way to get rich, but if you start an online store or any type of website where your audience is bound to grow – Adsense is a great way to start.

    Also, don’t let your ego get down in the dumps. Find some networking events either online or in your area and slap some lipstick on, your best elevator pitch and with quick access to your resume – attend one of those events. Stay active. Whatever you do and try not to get discouraged. Do you have a Facebook page? I use mine to network like I’m on fire.

    Or better yet — WRITE A BOOK. Get this book called “Damn, why didn’t I write that”. Great book. It’s small, an easy read and repleate with highly valuable information.

    I hope it all works out for you. You are much to talented a writer to live in the world of ‘sucks’ lol. And hey, don’t forget to laugh.

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